Our aim was to deliver accommodation standards to Peterborough that reflect modern comfort and amenities with the charm of a century old cottage in a historic country town. And if you are wondering why it is called Andy's; the cottage is named after Andy Cunningham, owner of the cottage for 30 years and respected long term resident of Peterborough.

Andy's can accommodate up to 7 people with three separate bedrooms. Bedrooms offer various configurations including the choice of a King, Queen, Double and King Single beds. 

Whether you are a couple of a family, on a work trip or a holiday road trip, Andy's is the perfect resting point to stop over, recharge and take in the country air.  Let us welcome you to South Australia's Mid North so you can enjoy the sights, sounds, experiences and country hospitality our region has to offer from a place of comfort and delight.

Looking forward having you here.